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Spirituality Quadrant

Conceptual description

The HFS Spirituality Quadrant is not a set of beliefs, rather it is a set of principles and practices that restore and preserve a person’s inner peace. The Spirituality Quadrant focuses on breathing, meditation, relaxation and exercise regimens that support a body attuned to peace.

Programs and activities

HFS supports spiritual awareness by assisting youth to find meaning and direction in their lives. Activities like gardening, music therapy, art therapy, music studio recording, scrapbooking and monthly community service create a greater connection between inner feelings and emotional responses in the child. Simple exercises like diaphragmatic breathing, or belly breathing, during meditation or yoga can help a child discover inner reserves of calm while quietly establishing physical discipline over the body.


Yoga and Mindfulness meditation videos can a child to self-regulate more effectively in the present and may reduce their reliance on psychotropic medications. By reducing mental stress and physical tension, yoga can boost the immune system, instill a sense of well-being, improve information processing, among innumerable other organic and mental benefits. For example, our Flow “Vinyasa” Yoga for Attention Disorders video, which can be seen here.

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