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Cognition Quadrant

Conceptual description

Cognition is the set of all mental abilities and processes in the areas of knowledge, attention, memory, problem-solving and decision-making, comprehension and language. The HFS Cognition Quadrant focuses on processional thinking and critical thinking skills, brain health and performance applications in the home, school and workplace.

Programs and activities

HFS content presents multiple options to support healthy cognitive functioning. These include bibliotherapy, prescriptive play and expressive therapies such as art and music. Activities like our Guided Meditation for Attention Disorders are used to dissuade negative thinking and improve judgment and decision-making, which can be seen here.


Learning new responses and gaining positive outlooks on their challenges equips the child to better manage conflict, stress, anxiety and emotionalism. There are also organic benefits to strengthening cognition. Improved cognition can increase brain processing speed, improve memory and recall, enhance fluency and auditory processing, as well as quicken reaction time.

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