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Parenting on the 4 Quadrants of Wellness.
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Welcome to Holistic Family Solutions (“HFS”) your source for information and practical advice on our integrated approach to mental health and wellness. You’ll also discover fun activities for the family, quick and nutritious recipes, easy exercises, guided meditations, and simple yoga routines. We will be providing many helpful tips and discussing various topics promoting holistic living.

Please click on each of the quadrants to explore their meaning and how they can help you change your life.

4 Quadrants of Wellness

The Wellness Quadrants are both the conceptual foundation of Holistic Family Solutions and its trademark approach to integrated wellness. Each quadrant represents an area of well-being. Fitness maintains and strengthens the body. Cognition orders the mind to better direct the body. Nutrition sustains and builds the body. Spirituality calms the body and lifts the mind. Taken together the quadrants interact each with the others to produce an emotionally balanced healthy life.

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