Yoga for Improving Self Esteem

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How to Help Your Self-Conscious Teen Get Fit to Improve Self Esteem

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Almost one in three children are overweight or obese, according to the American Heart Association in 2010. A study of effects of obesity on the self-esteem of children and teens showed that “obese Hispanic and white females demonstrate significantly lower levels of self-esteem by early adolescence.”

The Power of Words in Building Your Child’s Self Esteem

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Every day, our kids face consistent pressure from to look and act in particular ways that aren’t always consistent with their character or values. These pressures can come from family members close in age, friends, and through the media.

Foods that Boost Your Child’s Energy & Self-Esteem

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Turn on any television sitcom. They depict American youth as rushed. Kids dash down the stairs when called for breakfast declaring that they have no time to eat, with earbuds in ears and backpacks over their shoulders.

Helping Your Child Use Affirmations to Build Self-Esteem

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As a parent, it’s difficult and heart-breaking to hear your child be self-deprecating: I’m too dumb; I’m ugly; No one at school likes me; I wish I had never been born.  

Your natural inclination is to firmly correct your child, but that’s not always wise and can lead to further damage.

5 Toning Exercises to Do with Your Body-Image Conscious Teens

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I’m sure you remember all of the unwelcome changes that happened between 11 and 15 years old. Voices cracking, facial changes, and your body begins to fill out. This is what your adolescent son or daughter is going through right now and it’s no more fun for them than it was for you.