Yoga for Mood Disorders

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Mood Journaling

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Encouraging your teen with mood disorders to write can help with treatment

Best Foods for Children with Mood Disorders

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Treating children and teens with depression and other mood disorders involves therapy and more often than not oral medication. If you’re like most parents, though, you’re looking for natural methods to help your child navigate those difficult waters.




6 Ways to Stay Ahead of Mood Disorders

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Depression symptoms associated with mood disorders typically improve with exercise. Try these fun outdoor exercises and activities to help keep your teen motivated.

5 Ways Parents Can Help Children Manage Mood Disorders

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When your child has the challenge of living with a mood disorder, the first thing a parent must be is supportive. It’s not easy for you since it is typical for parents to question whether or not they introduced the mental illness to the child through genetics, and it’s not easy for your child who may be asking “why me?” While looking for external factors is common, it won’t solve the immediate issue. Getting right to work will.