5 Toning Exercises to Do with Your Body-Image Conscious Teens

Wellness Quadrant

I’m sure you remember all of the unwelcome changes that happened between 11 and 15 years old. Voices cracking, facial changes, and your body begins to fill out. This is what your adolescent son or daughter is going through right now and it’s no more fun for them than it was for you.

Career Day at Bassette Elementary School





Holistic Family Solutions was privileged to appear at Bassette Elementary school’s 2017 career fair! It was a fun opportunity to enhance the children’s understanding about career options available. We educated the entire student body about how HFS helps facilitate and promote healthier families; as well as, the entrepreneur side of the business. The youth engaged in fun fitness, yoga, and nutritional games and earned prizes for their participation.

Spirituality Quadrant

Conceptual description

The HFS Spirituality Quadrant is not a set of beliefs, rather it is a set of principles and practices that restore and preserve a person’s inner peace. The Spirituality Quadrant focuses on breathing, meditation, relaxation and exercise regimens that support a body attuned to peace.

Programs and activities

HFS supports spiritual awareness by assisting youth to find meaning and direction in their lives. Activities like gardening, music therapy, art therapy, music studio recording, scrapbooking and monthly community service create a greater connection between inner feelings and emotional responses in the child. Simple exercises like diaphragmatic breathing, or belly breathing, during meditation or yoga can help a child discover inner reserves of calm while quietly establishing physical discipline over the body.


Yoga and Mindfulness meditation videos can a child to self-regulate more effectively in the present and may reduce their reliance on psychotropic medications. By reducing mental stress and physical tension, yoga can boost the immune system, instill a sense of well-being, improve information processing, among innumerable other organic and mental benefits. For example, our Flow “Vinyasa” Yoga for Attention Disorders video, which can be seen here.

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Nutrition Quadrant

Conceptual description

Nutrition covers all aspects of the science and enjoyment of eating and what is eaten and its preparation. The HFS Nutrition Quadrant focuses on healthy eating, family meals and delicious food.

Programs and activities

In its articles and videos HFS focuses on nutritional assessments, meal planning, and cooking demonstrations to correct poor diet choices that may impact the mental or physical health of young people. Like our Peanut Butter Focus Balls video which can be seen here.


Because nutrition builds the body, it affects every aspect of a body’s health. Among its many benefits good nutrition can elevate your mood and improve your confidence, lower risk of disease especially heart disease, strengthen teeth and bones, increase your energy level, and increase blood flow to your brain, helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

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Fitness Quadrant

Conceptual description

Fitness encompasses all areas of body health. It is a measure of the bodies ability to perform work, its resistance to diseases, and its effective physical response in emergencies. The HFS Fitness Quadrant focuses on exercise, sports, being active and physical performance.

Programs and activities

Through articles and videos HFS offers a variety of fitness information and activities suitable for both children and adults. For example, our Tabata for Attention Disorders video, which can be seen here.


Sports and recreational activities can be used prescriptively to address symptoms of behavioral, mood and cognitive disorders as well as improving a child’s health and stamina. In addition a high level of fitness helps reduce reliance on psychotropic medications and improve social relations with peers and family.

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4 Quadrants of Wellness

The Wellness Quadrants are both the conceptual foundation of Holistic Family Solutions and its trademark approach to integrated wellness.
Each quadrant represents an area of well-being. Fitness maintains and strengthens the body. Cognition orders the mind to better direct the body. Nutrition sustains and builds the body. Spirituality calms the body and lifts the mind. Taken together the quadrants interact each with the others to produce an emotionally balanced healthy life. To learn more please watch the video.

Please click on each of the quadrants below to explore their meaning and how they can help you change your life.

Get to Know HFS Services and Affiliates

Wellness Store

Our staff and practitioners have reviewed hundreds of items on Amazon to bring you the best health and wellness products to support your families spiritual, cognitive, fitness and nutritional health. From workout gear to cookbooks to natural supplements and vitamins, you’ll only find trusted brands and authors here.

Instructional Videos

HFS will give you the tools and information to help you to begin to manage your childs mental help disorder naturally and in the privacy of your own home. Through a variety of Fitness, Yoga, Cooking and Guided Meditation instructional videos. Parents will need to support their children while viewing the videos in order to achieve the full benefit.

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Therafit Monthly Podcast

Tune in monthly to our very own Therafit podcast where we will be interviewing professional athletes, top mental health and wellness professionals and everyday parents just like you!!!

See who is on our couch this month.

Informative articles

Weekly through our “HFS Blog”. We provide informative articles that highlight the therapeutic benefits of fitness, nutrition, spiritual and cognitive wellness.

Family Restoration Services

Comprehensive therapies through HFS affiliate Family Restoration Services “Home of the Childrens Fitness Academy Inc” that address all core areas of our integrated approach to Wellness.
Fitness (sports/ personal training), Cognition (cognitive behavioral therapy CBT, guided meditations, substance abuse treatment)
Spirituality (yoga, gardening, music and art therapy)
Nutrition (Diet and nutritional consultation)

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Training and Consultation

traing-image01All intellectual properties that encompass this revolutionary approach to mental health treatment is available to support other professionals to apply the model in their own practice. Trainings and relevant materials will be offered to clinicians, conference groups, parents groups and mental health agencies.



Families overcoming obstacles together, affectionately known as F.O.O.T is the non-profit arm of HFS. Community projects focus on healthy living and its relationship to emotional balance and behavioral improvements. Most notably, the Community Learning Garden, inaugurated in May 2014 has already served dozens of Hampton Roads families, while teaching the fundamentals of growing healthy foods and its relationship to total wellness.
Please watch our Learning Garden Grand Opening Video.