How Yoga Helps Children & Teens with Eating Disorders

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Jennifer Kreatsoulas, Ph.D., is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, writer and editor. For much of her life, she struggled with an eating disorder. She credits her discovery of the practice of yoga to be the turning point from her destructive eating habits and despair.

How to Eat Right After an Eating Disorder

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Eating disorders are generally categorized by extremity and often indicate a serious medical or psychological problem — or both. With anorexia, children and teens succumb to an overwhelming urge to stay slim to a point where they deprive themselves of the nutrients obtained from eating.

Beneficial Sports & Activities for Kids with Oppositional Defiance Disorder(ODD)

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Defiant behavior can be frustrating. When your child is dealing with oppositional defiant disorder, life in the home can be highly stressful. At school, the consequences of defiance can lead to suspension or expulsion, and may potentially have a negative impact your child’s relationships with classmates and their ability to learn.