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At the age of 16, my son fell into the trap that many young boys fall into such as drug use, being truant from school and generally getting into trouble. The only positive focus he had was boxing and the mentorship he got from HFS affiliate, Family Restoration Services. Not only did his boxing coach see his potential as a boxer he also saw someone who was going down the wrong path and headed to a life of crime and hopelessness.

The staff at HFS invested countless hours to guide my son away from drugs and also encouraged him to stay in school. Without the help of HFS, I know I would have struggled to keep my son away from drugs. In my opinion, they went over and above what other agencies would have done.

My son was surrounded with boxer’s who have had similar experiences in their lives and this has seemed to have had a positive effect on him. Needless to say my son’s boxing ability has progressed to the point that now he has a new found confidence that was not apparent before. This company doesn’t just offer great boxing training, it also teaches common courtesy, humility and respect. HFS has really helped to turn my son’s life around.

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