Welcome to Holistic Family Solutions (“HFS”) your source for information and practical advice on our integrated approach to mental health and wellness. You’ll also discover fun activities for the family, quick and nutritious recipes, easy exercises, guided meditations, and simple yoga routines. We will be providing many helpful tips and discussing various topics promoting holistic living.

In the upcoming year, we will be publishing articles, videos and audios that you and your family can access absolutely free! We encourage you to subscribe to our weekly HFS E-News that provides links to the latest published HFS materials and timely HFS news. Our blog will house articles on natural and holistic solutions you can use to help manage your child’s emotional, behavioral, and physical health. Also tune in to our very own Therafit podcast and blog where we will be interviewing professional athletes, top mental health and wellness professionals, and everyday parents just like you.

And don’t be shy. Tell your friends! Our family and the HFS staff welcome you and your family to experience your most fit life yet..

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Our HFS WELLNESS STORE offers the best therapeutic tools, guides, health and fitness literature, gear & supplements. With fast reliable Amazon delivery!

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Throw on your apron, and pull out the measuring cups. Our recipes are fun, simple and nutritious!!!

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Our guest is Lisa Lewtan is a Health & Lifestyle Coach, the founder of Healthy, Happy, and Hip, an award-winning author, and the host of Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed Radio on VoiceAmerica.com.

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Instructional Videos

HFS will give you the tools and information to help you to begin to manage your childs mental help disorder naturally and in the privacy of your own home. Through a variety of Fitness, Yoga, Cooking and Guided Meditation instructional videos. Parents will need to support their children while viewing the videos in order to achieve the full benefit.

Therafit Monthly Podcast

Tune in monthly to our very own Therafit podcast where we will be interviewing professional athletes, top mental health and wellness professionals and everyday parents just like you!!! Therafit Monthly Podcast

HFS Store

Our staff and practitioners have reviewed hundreds of items on Amazon to bring you the best health and wellness products to support your families spiritual, cognitive, fitness and nutritional health. From workout gear to cookbooks to natural supplements and vitamins, you’ll only find trusted brands and authors here. Store

Informative articles

Weekly through our “HFS Blog” We provide informative articles that highlight the therapeutic benefits of fitness, nutrition, spiritual and cognitive wellness.

Outpatient Services

Comprehensive therapies through HFS affiliate Family Restoration Services “Home of the Childrens Fitness Academy Inc” that address all core areas of our integrated approach to Wellness. Fitness (sports/ personal training), Cognition (cognitive behavioral therapy CBT, guided meditations, substance abuse treatment) Spirituality (yoga, gardening, music and art therapy) Nutrition (Diet and nutritional consultation) www.familyrestorationcfa.com

Training & Consultation

All intellectual properties that encompass this revolutionary approach to mental health treatment is available to support other professionals to apply the model in their own practice. Trainings and relevant materials will be offered to clinicians, conference groups, parents groups and mental health agencies.


Families overcoming obstacles together, affectionately known as F.O.O.T is the non-profit arm of HFS. Community projects focus on healthy living and its relationship to emotional balance and behavioral improvements. Most notably, the Community Learning Garden, inaugurated in May 2014 has already served dozens of Hampton Roads families, while teaching the fundamentals of growing healthy foods and its relationship to total wellness. Please watch our Learning Garden Grand Opening Video. To find out more about F.O.O.T community initiatives please visit our website www.footnow.org

Latest News

Next month, HFS invites parents to attend a one hour online education session to learn about its new natural supplement called ZenZone. ZenZone contains all-natural herbs that help boost attention, stimulate memory, sharpen focus, and balance energy. If your child has difficulty with attention or focus, this webinar is for you.... Learn more
In August, Holistic Family Solutions celebrated its 10th anniversary. Since its inception, HFS has been helping children with mental, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disorders achieve balance through diet, exercise, counseling, and encouragement.... Learn more
In this ebook, you will learn about our 4 quadrants approach, what they are, how we developed them, and more specifically, how you can implement them in your home for a healthy, happy, and well-balanced child. Click Here... Learn more

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